About Us


Welcome to Big Changes at Pro Cooperative

With a progressive revamp of our operations and management, Pro Cooperative is back to the ideals of a member-owned cooperative. And we’re working to regain your trust and your business.

Starting with a single elevator in 1922, we were one of the first cooperatives in the region, formed to pool buying power and give farmers a more effective voice in the market. Thanks to your patronage over nine decades, Pro Cooperative has grown to 20 locations that serve more than 1,500 farm operations.

In today’s complex farm industry, though, we need to be even better. We’re rolling out leading-edge solutions that make Pro Cooperative the most dynamic cooperative in the region. And we’re strengthening the basics: competitive pricing, recommendations based on knowledge of your operation, and customer service that comes to your farm. Our renewed purpose: to help you minimize loss and maximize gain.

Take a look at your new Pro Cooperative. Let’s talk. Together, we’ll break down the complexities of farming and develop whole-farm solutions that will help you grow.

Kyle Kuepker, CEO

Today, Pro Cooperative is:


We provide information to advance smart decisions.


We innovate ways to boost production and reduce risk.


We come to your farm with coordinated expertise.


Pro Cooperative invests in our communities. In addition to hosting our own free grain marketing workshops for farmers and lenders, we contributed $5,000 to ag education in 2016 through the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives—a donation that doubled through a matching gift from CoBank®.

In addition to supporting farm cooperative policy and legislation, the Institute funds eight scholarships each year to college students with an agriculture-related major.

Pro Cooperative is also a frequent sponsor of community organizations and non-profits, such as food banks and fire departments.
Since 2012, we have contributed $285,000 to make Northwest Iowa a better place for all of us to live and work.


Pro Cooperative simplifies your farm supply, service, and marketing needs. In addition to one clear monthly statement, your records are all in DTN Connect™, a platform that gives our advisors in grain, agronomy, fuel, and feed a single picture of your entire operation. With this insight, we can anticipate your needs and recommend whole-farm risk management steps before those needs become urgent.

Across all of Pro Cooperative, we’re bringing you new ways to achieve better results. And we’re doing so with customer service that is personal, confidential, and based on a thorough understanding of your operation.

Besides doing business with your own company and sharing in the profits, Pro Cooperative offers a Section 199 deduction for your purchases and the grain you move through our facilities. Some cooperatives keep that deduction. We pass it on to you.

Convenience and a high standard of integrity—two more reasons to do business with your new Pro Cooperative.


"Pro goes the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied. All of the employees have gone above and beyond to make sure they provide the best service possible. I’m confident in the information they give me about my crops and land because they care as though it was their own.”

Ethan Lenz, Pro Cooperative Member