Grain Solutions

Pro Cooperative provides full-service grain logistics and marketing through 14 locations across Northwest Iowa. Grain handling accounts for 75% of Pro Cooperative’s annual business, and we’ve seen 35% growth in the last six years, thanks to facility upgrades and an expanded team of professional grain marketers. 

Harvest services include on-farm pick-up, storage, drying services, and a popular direct-ship program, which delivers grain directly to end-users and passes the savings on to you via a premium. It’s part of our commitment to get you the best return on your crops. Pro Cooperative consistently secures highly competitive prices compared with other area cooperatives.

Grain marketing can be stressful. Our team will come to your farm well before harvest to provide expert support as you consider your options. Our range of contracts capture seasonal market fluctuations year-round, and we will help you create a balanced risk management portfolio.

We also offer complete brokerage services. Guided by a Series 3-licensed broker, you can buy options, hedge fuel, feed, livestock, and grain—and even free up cash at critical times of the year.

Using our extensive knowledge of Iowa farms and global markets, Pro Cooperative will help you manage emotion and prompt action with up-to-the-minute data. Members can use our DTN Portal® technology to make offers online and receive bids by text message.

In 2016, more than 150 farmers and lenders attended our market outlook and contract education sessions throughout the region. We’ve been pleased to share our market knowledge with you and the banking community in Northwest Iowa. 

Working with Pro Cooperative offers many services and benefits to help you market your grain with more precision!

A Balanced Risk Management Portfolio

A PROgressive Balanced Portfolio is built for your success today and tomorrow.
PROactive recommendations and decisions are made by filtering market data from Iowa and around the world.

Solutions Built For You

A PROgressive full service grain solution of marketing, logistics, drying and facility operations.
PROactive pre-harvest collaboration to ensure your exceptional grain delivery experience at our locations.

Marketing Your Source of Profit

Our PROgressive grain marketing team is obsessed with getting the best return for your crops.
PROactive grower education forums to answer your most pressing grain marketing questions ahead of important decisions.

Professionals Committed To Your Success

PROgressive approach to internal training and development provides you with a grain marketing team able to make strong recommendations – and stand by them.
A PROactive dedication to your full clarity of each potential marketing structure before you pull the trigger is our commitment to you.

A Courageous Team of Grain Marketers

A PROgressive belief that we won’t let you go through your biggest decisions on your own.
PROactive – we will come to you and  give you our best grain marketing recommendation well in advance – we won’t sit back!