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Dust Control

Jun 19, 2019

 After a wet spring, we finally received the go-ahead to apply dust control to the following counties:
Buena Vista
Palo Alto

Please fill out the enclosed form and return it to us asap. As always, payment must be made before we can begin the process. 

Please click <here> for an order form. 
We will have the same process this year as last year with the measuring. In an effort to provide more efficient service to you, we will be relying on you to Measure and Flag the area that you want treated. This will tell both the county grader and our driver where you want the control. Again, YOU WILL NEED TO FLAG THE AREA TO BE GRADED!! This will ensure that the coverage will be placed where you want it. Our trucks have measuring devices on them so they will spread the amount of coverage that you pay for.   
Our application will depend on the weather. **This all depends on road conditions and county grading schedules.**

The cost of dust control this year will be $1.15 per foot for 2 applications with a minimum of 400 foot in length by approximately 16 foot wide.
There are two counties that are subsidizing this year. Calhoun and Pocahontas are providing $40.00 per application.
                         (Pricing)                                                                               (Calhoun & Pocahontas Co.)                                             
Length  $ Per ft.                    Your Cost                                                       subsidy             Cost                       
400’     @  1.15                   = $460.00                                                         -$ 80.00      = $ 380.00     
500’     @  1.15                   = $575.00                                                         -$ 80.00      = $ 495.00
600’     @  1.15                   = $690.00                                                         -$ 80.00      = $ 610.00     
700’     @  1.15                   = $805.00                                                         -$ 80.00      = $ 725.00     
800’     @  1.15                   = $920.00                                                         -$ 80.00      = $ 840.00     
The weather and traffic are major factors in the durability of the product. We are not responsible for the affect of adverse weather or heavy traffic.
Your county controls the grading schedule and will coordinate with Pro Coop to provide the best possible results. 
***Each county reserves the right to maintain the roads as they see fit***
Pro Coop                                                                                             Rod Stoulil
101 N. Main Street                 800-373-8498                                       Main Office
Pocahontas, Ia. 50574           712-335-3575                                       712-335-3060

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