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Seeking Associate Board Members

May 24, 2019

Associate Board Members



PRO Cooperative is seeking Class A Members to serve as Associate Board Members

Associate boards members are developed by coops looking to develop their next generation of board members. An associate board member possesses leadership talent typically made up of young farmers, or professionals who, through their own time, talent and resources, help expand the capacity and advance the mission of a coop. However, an associate board member has no governing or voting responsibilities for the cooperative.
Why should you consider becoming an Associate?
  1.  Stand for something good; an opportunity that allows you to have a positive impact on the direction of the cooperative and lives of others
  2. Build Meaningful New Relationships and Expand Your Network; you’ll connect with an amazing group of farmers, strategists, and employees dedicated to a common cause
  3. Gain new perspectives; gaining new perspectives is integral to becoming a leader. By collaborating with people from the entire Midwest, you’ll have the opportunity to see issues and opportunities from many points of view
  4. Develop useful new skills; step out of your day-to-day workflow and develop a broader understanding of a diverse business and how it functions
Important:  An Associate Board member is a paid position with a monthly time commitment.  Interested members should submit names to Kyle Kuepker at the Pocahontas main office, or call for more information at 712-335-3060  

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