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Spring Agronomy Tips

Apr 10, 2019

Spring is here, and PRO Cooperative is ready. We understand that spring application and planting is a challenging time of year. Saturated soils plague the countryside and as the calendar creeps forward, we are left thinking, “when we will get in to plant?” Here are some ways to prevent in-season issues and hopefully answer a couple lingering questions.

Let’s start with the planting date.  Time is still on your side, the most crucial factors with corn isn’t when it’s planted, but what conditions it’s planted in. Soil temp and ground conditions should be the determining factors. It’s nothing new, but it is very critical to getting even emergence. Checking emergence scores on hybrids will be more important this year. Last year this wasn’t much of a factor as everything came up in a week to ten days. However, the longer that seed sits in cold, saturated soil it can have several negative effects.  Helping those seeds out of the ground with products will help limit your exposure to these issues. Utilizing seed treatment options on corn or in furrow reduce early stress on your crop and in-turn produce strong yields.

Equally important this spring will be monitoring nitrogen. Whether it was applied in the fall (hopefully it was stabilized) or to be applied this spring, our soils are saturated which will increase exposure of losing it. There are several ways to lose nitrogen, but the primary factor is through leaching. To minimize that, we suggest products such as Instinct HL to protect your investment and keep it in the root zone so the crop can utilize it throughout the season. Other valuable information is to know how your hybrids utilize the nitrogen and timing. Side dressing at later stages provides data and insight on when and how the nitrogen is being used. Most hybrids have an RTN (response to nitrogen) score that we can use to determine the probability of feeding them. We also have tools to measure the availability of nitrogen in the soil to be used by the plant.

With spring in full swing, our equipment and staff are ready for your farm operation. If you have any questions, please contact any of our well-trained agronomists to help you be PROactive this year.  Let’s work together and make this year your most profitable.    

Stay safe and good luck,
PRO Agronomy Team

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