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When it comes to crop inputs, Pro Cooperative has you covered with competitive pricing on seed, fertilizer, insecticides, and herbicides. We also offer application services from a crew of 20 certified applicators. 

Efficient production is about more than price. It means you practice the four Rs of soil stewardship: the right product at the right time at the right rate on the right spots. To help, Pro Cooperative has professional agronomists or certified crop advisors in nine of our 12 locations. Their mission is to understand your operation, your fields, and your goals.

A Customized Approach

Pro Cooperative’s variable rate technology (VRT) applies the nutrients your fields need every 2.5 acres, and our SOILMAP platform keeps a record of your nutrient plan.

With grid sampling and customizable nutrient plans, our professionals can help you build your soil to optimal levels of pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. We use GPS-guided variable rate technology (VRT) that applies the exact amounts needed every 2.5 acres. This expertise requires a lot of data. Pro Cooperative keeps your input history in our new SOILMAP software. Using this platform with your agronomist, you can be an efficient and responsible steward of your land. 

Pro Cooperative is one of just a few local cooperatives in the state that are members of the Agriculture Clean Water Alliance (ACWA). Pro Cooperative is committed to protecting our state’s drinking water and our members’ way of life by monitoring the amounts of nutrients in surface runoff and tile outlets, and by evaluating practices that reduce nutrient levels in agricultural watersheds. 

Pro Coop Agronomy Value

  • Recommendation Verification

  • Crisis Prevention Process

  • Using Technology & Data

  • Equipment Management, Upgrades & Maintenance

  • Facility Management Plans

  • Pre-Season Preparation Processes

  • Mixing & Blending Programs

  • Cross-Location Order Management: Consistency

  • Local Dispatch System for Fleet Availability

  • Our Order Management Systems – Oakland

  • Objectivity in Application Recommendations

  • Climate Pro – High Tech Crop Data Management

  • Marrying Input Data with your Yields

  • Automatic field updates – we will take care of it

  • 170 Pro Coop Professionals behind the scenes
     assuring strong execution

Products & Services

  • Seed, fertilizer, crop protection chemicals

  • Certified applicators

  • Soil Testing

  • Two-year nutrient plans from agronomists or certified crop advisors

  • Variable rate technology for precision application

Safety Tips

Pro Cooperative cares about you and your safety. Read and download our Anhydrous and Propane safety documents. Also, check out a fun, interactive websites for kids! 

Anhydrous Ammonia Safety

Propane Safety

Safety Tips for Just Kids

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