Family livestock producers across Northwest Iowa need efficient feeding programs, but may lack the volume necessary to buy from other suppliers. This is where Pro Cooperative shines. As a large procurer of grain, feed supply is a natural fit.

At our three feed mills, including the new Ayrshire facility, we have the capacity to produce large volumes of custom bulk feeds for swine, beef, dairy, and poultry. We can mix multiple ingredients to your specific needs based on your species and purpose (feed lot, milk production, or breeding) to meet your production goals. We also offer bagged products at our 13 regional feed locations.

Feed Services

With our information technology, we can develop a program for your livestock that includes feed budgets for successive stages of growth. You’ll know the tons required for each ration for improved feed efficiency and rate of gain. This not only allows for convenient purchasing; it creates an excellent opportunity for risk management. 

Working with your Pro Cooperative feed advisor, you can book your needs with our grain division and lock in a price for feed corn or soybean meal. Taking the next step into the world of futures, our in-house broker can hedge your livestock to help you secure a certain profit.

At Pro Cooperative, we’re more flexible than other suppliers and the big-box stores in order and delivery, too. With your own formulas in place, orders are normally available for existing customers within two days. 

Helping to Secure Your Peace of Mind

Our PROgressive "best in class" 24 hour lead-time ensures you get delivery when you need it.

Our PROactive delivery lead-time standard eliminates your worry of potential trauma to your livestock.

A PROgressive full service PRO Coop Feed Teaqm means accountability to only PRO Coop Customers. PROactive communication with you to ensure you receive the right feed, in the right quantity, at the right location when you need it. 

Ordering Feed

We get it, your lives are busy! That's wh we have several ways to order feed! 

Place your swine feed orders via email to:

Download the order form and place your cattle feed orders via email to:

or, Order Online!!


Feed Team