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A Citizen of Our Region

Pro Cooperative invests in our communities. In addition to hosting our own free grain marketing workshops for farmers and lenders, we financially support ag education through the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives—a donation that doubled through a matching gift from CoBank®.

In addition to supporting farm cooperative policy and legislation, the Institute funds eight scholarships each year to college students with an agriculture-related major.

Pro Cooperative is also a frequent sponsor of community organizations and non-profits, such as food banks, fire departments and local 4-H chapters.

Since 2012, we have contributed over $300,000 to make Northwest Iowa a better place for all of us to live and work.

Heritage and Values for the Future

Pro Cooperative simplifies your farm supply, service, and marketing needs. In addition to one clear monthly statement, your records are all in DTN Connect™, a platform that gives our advisors in grain, agronomy, fuel, and feed a single picture of your entire operation. With this insight, we can anticipate your needs and recommend whole-farm risk management steps before those needs become urgent.

Across all of Pro Cooperative, we’re bringing you new ways to achieve better results. And we’re doing so with customer service that is personal, confidential, and based on a thorough understanding of your operation.

Giving Back to Our Customers

Besides doing business with your own company and sharing in the profits, Pro Cooperative offers a Section 199 deduction for your purchases and the grain you move through our facilities. Some cooperatives keep that deduction. We pass it on to you.

Convenience and a high standard of integrity—two more reasons to do business with your new Pro Cooperative.

"Pro goes the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied. All of the employees have gone above and beyond to make sure they provide the best service possible. I’m confident in the information they give me about my crops and land because they care as though it was their own.” --Ethan Lenz, Pro Cooperative Member

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Pro Cooperative Locations

Pro Cooperative Locations
3717 420th Street
Ayrshire, Iowa 50515
Toll-Free: 888-637-0592
Location Leader: Lawson Jackson
Pro Cooperative Locations
500 South Public Street Box 228
Bradgate, Iowa 50520
Location Leader: Ron Trenary
Pro Cooperative Locations
17 3rd Avenue Northeast
Pocahontas, Iowa 50574
Pro Cooperative Locations
108 S. 3rd St. Po Box 365
Estherville, Iowa 51334
Location Leader: Jean Watters
Pro Cooperative Locations
Hwy 3 Box 322
Gilmore City, Iowa 50541
Location Leader: Bob Allen
Gilmore City Elevator
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Pro Cooperative Locations
303 South Railroad Street Box 282
Gilmore City, Iowa 50541
Location Leader: Mike Schall
Pro Cooperative Locations
307 North Van Gordon Ave.
Graettinger, Iowa 51342
Toll-Free: 800-752-2000
Location Leader: Chris Jensen
Pro Cooperative Locations
446 Hwy 10 Box 188
Havelock, Iowa 50546
Toll-Free: 712-776-2232
Location Leader: Jeremy Ives
Pro Cooperative Locations
320 West Main
Laurens, Iowa 50554
Location Leader: Luann Reese
Pro Cooperative Locations
1303 9th Avenue Box 610
Manson, Iowa 50563
Toll-Free: 800-788-3383
Location Leader: Aaron Heggen
Pro Cooperative Locations
710 E. 13th St.
Milford, Iowa 51351
Location Leader: Dale Garber
Pro Cooperative Locations
110 Main Street
Pioneer, Iowa 50541
Location Leader: Mark Condon
Pro Cooperative Locations
402 Jackson Box 56
Plover, Iowa 50573
Toll-Free: 888-679-6037
Location Leader: Mike Karhoff
Pocahontas Elevator
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Pro Cooperative Locations
101 North Main Street Box 160
Pocahontas, Iowa 50574
Toll-Free: 1-800-776-7664
Location Leader: Dan Wallace
Pro Cooperative Locations
14 West Elm Street Box 160
Pocahontas, Iowa 50574
Location Leader: Matt Pedersen
Rolfe Grain Elevator
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Pro Cooperative Locations
601 Broad Street Box 183
Rolfe, Iowa 50581
Location Leader: Dan Wallace
Pro Cooperative Locations
601 Broad Street Box 183
Rolfe, Iowa 50581
Location Leader: Tammy Bindel
Pro Cooperative Locations
1409 Main St
Ruthven, Iowa 51358
Toll-Free: 800-362-0612
Location Leader: Duane Brown
Pro Cooperative Locations
206 Sheridan Box 38
Rutland, Iowa 50582
Location Leader: Ron Trenary
Pro Cooperative Locations
402 Warner Ave
Terril, Iowa 51364
Toll-Free: 800-462-4069
Location Leader: Tony Hanson
Pro Cooperative Locations
115 Elevator Rd
Wallingford, Iowa 51365
Toll-Free: 800-642-6783
Location Leader: Chuck Tostenson